NewtonPlayGround 1.53

Newton Playground 1.5 is a high customizable physics simulator
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Newton Playground 1.5 is a real physics simulator that will make every crazy scenario you could possible imagine into a viewable scenario.
Newton Playground 1.5 is a high customizable, easy to use, real-time renderer physics simulator. Everything you need to make physics simulation is there. You will start in a simple 3D computer world where you will be able to choose from one of the many features it has: you can open a pre-configured example, like a bowling table, with the ball and everything, or you can create a new solid wich could be a teapot. Every time something is rendered in the 3D world will have to obey every single one physics laws (gravity, density, resistance,etc).

You can create a whole entire simulated theme park with it, or make a 3D environment wich you can walk around thanks to the different camera views available. You can create, houses, or vehicles such as trains or cars and or machinery that will work like is was done in real life.

That is why is called Newton Playground 1.5, because you can do anything in this simulated 3D world.

Gener Vázquez
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  • Real-Time Renders
  • Different Camera views


  • First Person view is hard to manage
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